Our Charity Work


A.h a total of £344.04 was raised for charity

fusion giving food bank - october 2018


We work regularly with our local food bank and were pleased to be able to donate more food items and help them to stock up for the approaching colder months.


eid gifts - june 2018

During the month of Ramadan and a focus on giving we decided to raise money to sponsor another orphan and buy Eid gifts for those they may not be able to receive them this year. We raised a total of £784.86 and Ummah Welfare Trust were able to buy presents for children from the children at PPS.



We managed to raise £200 by wearing odd socks to school to celebrate "same but different".

This was donated to "Downs' and Special Friends Group" at the Young Batley Centre.


batley homeless project - march 2018

In a town local to Dewsbury there is an organisation that is helping the homeless here in Yorkshire.

We collected food items and donated these to the project in order to help the needy in our area.



PPS children were touched by the recent crisis in Burma and we decided to raise funds to sponsor an orphan. We raised £887.64 and managed to sponsor not one but two orphan children! THe children also made a banner to give to a school in one of the Rohingya camps when some local volunteers were going to visit there.


grenfell fire - june 2017

The children on hearing the tragic news of the victims of the Grenfell Fire in London, wanted to do something to help. All thechildren brought £1 to school the following day and managed to raise £411.72.


Kidz 4 kids campaign uwt - january 2017


This year the PPS children supported Ummah Welfare Trust’s annual Kidz 4 Kidz fundraising campaign. It’s a campaign which encourages children in the UK to raise money for less-fortunate children around the world.

Last year’s campaign saw around 25,000 school children take part to raise £250,000 for needy children in Gaza, Syria, Somalia, Pakistan and the Philippines.

MA the children raised an astonishing £5497.78


edinburgh cares - December 2016


This term we supported a UK charity called “Edinburgh Cares”. They are a humanitarian organisation that aims to help and support those suffering around the world. They provide emergency support, food, shelter and medical equipment for those forced into homelessness and destitution by war, oppression and other unfortunate circumstances including natural disasters.

Edinburgh Cares was initially set up in September 2015 in response to the Syrian war crisis but aims to assist wherever there is a need.

Since then they have partnered with organisations like Well Foundation, ReAct, Hand in Hand in Syria and Sawa in Lebanon to deliver aid to Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Slovenia, Macedonia, Greece, Syria and Turkey.

Please have a look at their website to see the great work they do www.edinburghcares.org

We supported by bringing in food items and these were loaded in a container which was brought to help those in Syria.


SAL's Shoes - october 2016


www.salsshoes.com is a charity that the PPS children and also the community are supporting this term.

Many children all over the world are unable to access any kind of footwear and this results in infections and injuries to their feet which are often left untreated. In some areas children are not allowed to attend school unless they have shoes and so this is a barrier to their access to education.

Sal's Shoes collect outgrown shoes and distribute these to the children in need across the world.



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Ramadan 2015

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