Teaching our children about charity teaches them compassion and empathy. It makes them more aware of the world and encourages them to care for those less fortunate than themselves.

At Paradise we aim to develop our children academically and nourish them spirituality, consistent with our ethos to produce well-rounded individuals with excellent manners and respect for all.

Instilling this knowledge about charity and giving in our children, from a young age, will build a foundation that will flourish throughout their whole lives.


Give Your Share to Show You Care! – Ramadan Campaign


During the blessed month of Ramadan our aim is to support as many causes as possible to ease the lives of people all around the world. In doing this we aim to teach our children that Ramadan is not just about abstinence from food and water, it’s about showing kindness and bringing positive change to ourselves and others.

Whilst learning about these causes, the children can take a journey and understand how these lives of others are sometimes very different to their own.

Every few days the children will be introduced to one of these different causes and will not only learn about the charity itself but also the locations, cultures and people involved in the cause we are helping.

How To Donate
  1. Parents can support as many of the causes as they wish and can give sadaqah, lillah or zakat.   
  2. Call the donation hotline or donate online.
  3. Choose the amount you would like to donate.
  4. Confirm if lillah / sadaqah / zakat.
  5. Quote Paradise Primary and state unique reference no if applicable so the children can monitor their achievements.
  6. If you are wishing to make your donation via the school please can parents pass this securely to reception and clearly mark if sadaqah, lillah or zakat.

Let us help all these families around the globe by helping our own children achieve some record breaking fundraising this Ramadan!

Download the attachment below to see the fantastic causes our children will be learning about. Don’t forget to do your part and support.